• Public Safety

    Orange is where I call home. It is where my parents call home. We must consistently work to ensure all of our residents feel safe and secure no matter where they are in the city.

    I am passionate and dedicated to achieving this goal--one of a feeling of safety for all residents in Orange. I am aware that safety does not just cover crime but includes the technical components of feeling safe such as proper lighting, safe sidewalks, parking, and safe open spaces.

  • Homelessness &


    Coming from a large family, I am well aware of the inequalities that exist and the disparities that can lead to a state of displacement. Being a first-hand witness of families living paycheck to paycheck and having to leave Orange County to afford housing, I am passionate about finding creative and beneficial solutions for our residents who struggle to have sustainable housing.


    A primary goal of mine is to change the “us vs. them” narrative. This is an issue that transcends a narrative of disdain. Our community is stronger when we work together and thrive together. 

    Utilizing available resources, and options like  AB-448, our city will be free to focus on the residents being impacted. 

  • Infrastructure & 

    Economic Development

    I am aware of the infrastructure and economic challenges that face Orange (from parking to sleepy malls). I am continuously thinking of creative and feasible solutions to ensure our resident business owners and consumers have a fair chance to succeed.

  • Becoming a Green City

    From a young age, I was made aware of the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling. With the current climate crisis, our city must look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. The beauty of sustainability is that a little bit can go a long way. I am confident we can make numerous changes that will benefit our planet and community.

  • Business

    I strongly believe in and see the benefit of including all residents in our economy. Local business must be diverse to thrive and sustain. 

    Supporting our local businesses with real-time answers, clear business standards, streamlining documents and requirements, updating and maintaining a multi-lingual user-friendly website, accurate transmission of information, standards to be energy efficient and sustainable, and comprehensive support are all goals for strong relationships between the city and its business community. R


  • Role of Government

    I believe the role of government is essential for a thriving community but can be detrimental when the community feels excluded from the process. I am well aware of the need for structure and abiding by just rules, while encouraging participation and transparency.

    Local government is for the people first. Our local government is accountable to the residents of Orange, and must be willing to listen with both the intent to learn and provide feedback. Residents and visitors must feel both safe and included in the Orange City Council. 

  • Spending

    I consider myself to be financially conservative when it comes to spending and well aware of the challenges the City is facing. A forensic look at our budget is necessary at all levels. Spending responsibly is paramount. Community input must be received and considered when decisions are made. Transparency must be present from beginning to the end of any decision being made in our city.

  • Seniors/Aging

    As a proud daughter of Antonia and Ricardo, I am well aware of the importance of Senior outreach. My focus will be on increasing services to all seniors in Orange. 

    Creating city wide events to increase the participation of our aging community is key to both cohesiveness of the communities to positive relationship with our neighbors. Our elders are a wealth of knowledge and experience, to exclude them is to deny ourselves the richness of lived experiences and opinions that matter.  

  • Cultural Events

    Born in Mexico City, growing up in Midway City, and spending extensive time in Europe, I understand first-hand the transformative power of cross-cultural communication, and interaction. One of the main reason I focused one of my degrees on Cross-Cultural and Inter-Cultural Communication, was to increase my own knowledge and cultural competence. 

  • Libraries

    As a researcher and student, I spend long hours in my University library. I am well aware of the importance of having a library space to the success of students and the service it offers the community. I will make sure our libraries are being utilized, are sustainable, and meeting the needs of the community.

And many more.
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